Times Square New Location

New york style Cheesecake

Discover the Finest Cheese Cake New York City Offers

New York City is renowned for its world-famous skyline, cultural diversity, and of course, its delectable cuisine. Among the many culinary treasures this enchanting city has to offer, New York-style cheesecake shines as a true star.

At NY Bakery and Desserts, we're here to bring you the very best cheesecake the city has to offer. With each bite, you'll feel like you've embarked on a journey through the flavors of New York. So, why do we believe we're the best in the cheesecake game? Here are the reasons that justify this claim:

A Reflection of New York Tradition

Cheesecake is an iconic symbol of New York cuisine. It gains its fame from its soft, creamy filling on top of a traditional crust. At NY Bakery and Desserts, we stay true to this traditional recipe while transforming cheesecake into a modern culinary delight, using the freshest ingredients.

A Wide Array of Flavors

Our cheesecakes come not only in the traditional New York style but also with various flavor twists. Whether it's chocolate-covered strawberries, raspberry drizzles, or caramel toppings, we cater to all tastes. Our menu doesn't stop at cheesecakes; we also offer macarons, cupcakes, and more.

Daily Freshness

At NY Bakery and Desserts, we prepare our cheesecakes fresh every day. Each bite is a testament to the freshness of our ingredients and the craftsmanship behind it. When you place an order, you're guaranteed to savor the freshness and flavor.

Long waited Flagship Times Square Location is now open! We are excited to break the news to our sweet lover customers. NY Bakery & Desserts is growing with and within New York. We are delighted to share our famous New York desserts and sweets at Times Square.

We are bringing a "sweet state of mind" to New York with the opening of our new flagship location in the heart of Times Square - Center of the Universe!

The "capital of the world" mentality gives people and tourists from across the world the opportunity to have the dessert they want with our wide variety of sweet options, and New Yorkers to keep coming back!

We are excited to grow into New York City and welcome everyone to both of our stores in the heart of the city. Visit our new location at 1580 Broadway, New York, NY 10036