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512 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018

1580 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
"I walked in here because the deserts looked good from the window. The staff was very nice and very patient while I made a decision. There was seating to enjoy my slice of cake which was made very well. The owner was very nice and gave us free espresso after talking to u for a little. The staff cleaned up for us while I was trying to clean it myself. Not many places like it in New York. I will be coming back."

Damon Hamblin

MAR 2 2022, 12:21

"I love this place!!!! I come once a week for a desert until I get through to having everything they offer. Chocolate cake and Oreo cheesecake is my favorite! Krissiie was awesome and made my experience very pleasurable. I’ll be back next week."

Tamara Cook

DEC 10 2021, 10:42

"I’ve had desserts twice at this place and the quality has been great both times. I love the passionfruit tart (personal favorite) and they chocolate desserts are also amazing. I’ve had the brownie, soufflé, and chocolate baklava. I’ve never had chocolate baklava before and it was delicious! Highly recommend."

Melissa Fergusson

MAR 5 2022, 9:30