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Welcome to NY Bakery & Desserts, a New York-based bakery and dessert cafe that is all about empowering our community through the love of baking. We take pride in providing the highest quality bakery staples and desserts to everyday people, and we are committed to being cautious about our ingredient selection, using only the best. At NY Bakery & Desserts, we believe that transparency is key. We provide information to our customers about what goes into our products and why, so they can trust that they are indulging in treats made with care and thoughtfulness. Our dedication to using premium ingredients and our commitment to quality is what sets us apart and makes us a favorite among our customers. As a franchisee of NY Bakery & Desserts, you will be part of a brand that values integrity, authenticity, and community engagement. Our New York roots run deep, and we take pride in being a local business that supports and empowers our community. By joining us as a franchisee, you can be a part of our mission to bring joy and sweetness to the lives of our customers while making a positive impact in your own community. When you become a franchisee with NY Bakery & Desserts, you will receive comprehensive support to help you succeed in your bakery and desserts shop. Our experienced team will provide you with training, guidance, and ongoing support in all aspects of operations, marketing, and management. We will also share our knowledge about ingredient selection, baking techniques, and customer service, so you can deliver the same high-quality treats that our customers know and love.


To create the best and most delicious products for you and your loved ones.


Who we are

In addition to our commitment to using the best ingredients, our innovative offerings are a cornerstone of our success. We are constantly experimenting with new flavors, textures, and presentation styles to create unique and memorable treats that delight the senses. As a franchisee, you will have access to our ever-evolving menu of bakery staples and desserts, allowing you to constantly surprise and satisfy your customers with exciting new creations. We also understand the importance of marketing in today's competitive landscape. That's why we offer robust marketing support to help you promote your bakery and desserts shop. From national advertising campaigns to local marketing strategies, we provide you with the tools and resources to create buzz, attract customers, and drive sales. Our marketing expertise combined with our beloved brand reputation will help you establish a strong presence in your local community and grow your business. At NY Bakery & Desserts, we believe that owning a bakery and desserts shop should be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. That's why we offer a streamlined operations model that includes established relationships with trusted suppliers, efficient processes, and proven systems. This allows you to focus on creating delicious treats and providing exceptional customer service, while maximizing your profitability and success as a business owner. Franchising with NY Bakery & Desserts also gives you the freedom to pursue your passion for baking while being your own boss. You can express your creativity, make your own decisions, and create a unique experience for your customers, all while benefiting from the support and guidance of an established brand. Join us and be a part of our sweet success story! Take the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams with NY Bakery & Desserts. Contact us today to learn more about our franchising opportunities and how you can join our community of passionate bakers and dessert lovers. Let's bake up something sweet together!

Why our products?

Good for you
We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best.
Made to perform
Breakthrough recipes that are made and tested thoroughly.
100% transparency
We provide information around what's in our products and why.

Step 1

Discussion and Application

Start discussion with our expert franchise team. Tell us about you and your business goals and submit an application.


Step 2

Schedule an executive meeting with our team for discovery day where we assess your documents for qualification requirements.

Step 3

Get ready for the grand opening after getting final review and approval.


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